Sunday, May 29, 2011

Disneyland was an adventure.

Welll, we have gone and come back from California. 
It was a fun, face-paced trip that I will remember forever. 
Despite my annoyance of the Disneyland employees waving their stupid wands at us so we wouldn't stop walking.
Or them telling me that I can't stand in a certain place while I drank some water...we had a fantestical time.

Highlights are as followed:

Getting there...  

 Indiana Jones!

 Thunder Mountain Railroad

 Getting soaked freaking wet on Splash Mountain

Because I was in the front.

California Adventure; The ferris wheel..the movable gondola...the worst ride EVER.

 My castle.

 Indiana hat

Steven. Tron.

 This place was cool.  Inside was all of the old 80s games.

 My roller coaster hair.

My castle all lit up.

The stupid turkey leg we wandered both parks for.

Here are all the pics from the rides that I took pictures of off the moniter because I am too cheap to buy them.
Space Mountain.

 Tower of Terror: 1st time.
Tower of Terror: 2nd time.

Tower of Terror: 3rd time.  The best time. All Australians with us.  The one lady Steven is looking at was crying.

My favorite:)

A few non-photographed highlights:
A family giving us fast pass tickets for a ride with a huge line for RIGHT THEN.
Making friends with all the kids that we were ridding with.
And so on...

But the BEST time was when we were eating near Tomorrowland and I spotted someone.
I knew it was him with out any doubt. 
Steven did not believe me.
Then some other hooligan went up to him and I saw him mouth, "yes I am". 
The girl then proceeded to ask if she could get a picture with him and he said no.
I assume he didn't want to bring attention to himself. 
So I just snagged a few fotos from our table:

I cropped it so you all could see...

If you still don't know who that is, here is a hint:


Jesse.  In real life, Johnathan Groff.

I couldn't not go talk to him.
I thanked him for being on "the best tv show ever" (how lame?)
Steven told him to beat up on Finn, in reference to his and Rachel's rekindled romance on the show.
Then, I told him to wish us a happy anniversary.
And he did.
And said congradulations..

Disneyland was fun.

Nuff' said.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Our trip to California is actually happening. 
We couldn't be more excited to celebrate the first year of marriage by going to Disneyland!
(1st year of marriage meaning our marriage is like a child, hence Disneyland?)
But here is a list of the challenges/circumstances/jerks we have encountered that almost made this trip not happen:

1.  Our deposit from our old apartment is on hold.  It was going to help fund the trip.  I have been working my butt off subbing to make up for the deficit. 
2.  My car broke down.  It has been at the dealership for an entire week.  It is getting a new transmition.
3.  The transmition is on back-order.
4.  I got a rental car.  It was initially meant to be for only five days, but since we have the trip, and a super good warranty, we get to take the rental on our trip!
(That obviously turned out well.)
5.  We have had numerous attacks and critiques on how we should not be going to Disneyland this weekend because of foot traffic.  Because someone obviously cares too much. 
6. Oh, and our $50/night hotel (a Ramada Inn with a fridge and microwave in the room) has been critisized.  Awesome. 
7. Steven's only co-worker in his department had a death in the family.  Funeral scheduled for Friday, the day of our actual anniversary AND we already have tickets and the hotel.
(The funeral got changed to Saturday.)
8.  The most important one (to me) is something that I will be missing:
  My sissy, Emily, and her eternal family,  Brian, Konrad, Rodney, and baby Wayne(the fetus) will be permanently arriving in Arizona tomorrow. 
(A congrats goes out to Brian Kleinman for becoming a doctor of Endodontics.)
Free root canals for life.
I love my educated family.
They are my best friends.

But it has all worked out, despite the physical, financial, and I guess, emotional mishaps. 
Bad stuff and people can suck it!

Stay tuned for pictures!
Because I know you are all on the edge of your seats with care and concern for my trip...duh.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


A few weeks ago, the cast for The Hunger Games movie was announced.
Well, just who was going to play Katniss.  
(that's about all I care about, besides Haymitch which will be address in a bit.)
I got the urge to read the entire trilogy again.
That took about a week.

Yesterday, a picture of the lady playing Katniss with her 'Seam' makeover was released:

She hits the bullseye (haha) what my imagination thought her to be.
After google-ing her, I came to the knowledge that she is also playing Mystique in the new X Men movie.
I love X Men.

This is where my apprehension begins.
I pray, really, that these movies don't suck like it's [ignorant person's] comparison:

My sissy, Emily and I went to see Twilight at midnight on its opening night.
I hated it.
The worst acting since Keanu Reeves was borned.
I had to go see the movie again, ALONE, just to make sure sleep deprivation was not the cause of my hate.
But it was really just the movie.
It sucks. 
All of them do.

But since Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) is in X Men, I feel a little bit more secure that these movies won't suck.
And the fact that they are not rushing it to make money is fantastical.  

On another, related note, 
Woody Harrelson has been cast as Haymitch.
I would have preferred Dr. House or RDJr:

But we shall see...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

One year. Almost.

Due to the fact that we are going to Disneyland for our anniversary, a photo shoot signifying our 1 year of marriage took place a teeny bit early.
I just had my hairs did.
So the time was right.
My gracious mother sacrificed some of her Mother's day to do shoot us.
And I had this excellent wall picked out for months...sorry Emly. 
I kinda copied you.

This is Steven and myself 345 days after our marriage...and a few pounds extra. 
(not over-eating pounds. its the absence of my thyroid pounds)

It was windy.

I was doing some lunges. 

And Emily, these are my new fugly shoes. 
I hope you think they're as glorious as I do.
I was kinda pissed at mom for NOT getting them in the pictures.
I can't wait till you're back in Prescott to help out my creativity.

Friday, May 6, 2011

tiddy bits

I really want a laundry chute. 
This one in particlar.

I found out, that after three weeks of itching and bloody scars all over my legs that I have Eczema.
I got some medicated ointment for it and all is well.
Except the fact that my back is on fire and Steven is gone to work. 
I am contemplating going up to his work just so he can put the medicine on my back

We decided that we are going to Disneyland for our 1 year anniversary (in three weeks)! 
I already booked our hotel.
It is going to be so freaking fun. 
A 4 day weekend in Califorinia.

I got an urgent email from my sister today. 
It's contents are below:

Let's back up a bit...
Her family is moving back to AZ the weekend we will be at Disneyland.
She had told us ALL that her appt to find out the gender of her fetus would be the 26th of May.
The day  before she moves.

Flash forward...and we all get this email, today, May 6th, that she is having a boy. 
Thanks Em.
I am glad your not dissapointed that you're having another boy.

I have been gardening in a bikini.

I have decided to see who my real friends are by not initiating ALL the converstations.
You know, by seeing if they might be the initator. 
Turns out, my only real friends are my husband, sisters, and mom.
Needless to say, I am a bit let down by some people.

I ate gnats during my run(s) this week.
Our new HOME's neighborhood is located by a creek.
Gnats everywhere.

I attempted to watch the new Lady Gaga video and that lasted about 5 seconds.
I am sorry.
A man with a crown of thorns on a motorcycle, in a video entitled "Judas" is incredibly offensive.

I ate an entire back of strawberry creamsavers in one day.
And I want more.

This has been my week.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


If you know me, you know that for me, patience is hard to come by.
I have intense anxiety.
This weekend, I planted our garden.
We had/have no idea what we were doing. 
But it is done.
I planted corn, cucomber, squash, and tomatoes. 
Eventually, probably tomorrow(anxiety), I will get some carrots planted too.
This is going to be a huge test of my patience.
I already look out the window every hour to see if anything has grown. 
Its been 24 hours.

Here is a picture of our garden.
That has not changed yet.

Isabelly, enjoying her self.  As always.

Our (my) onion harvest. 
Steven asked me why I wated to have a garden. 
My reply?
"For Grandpa".
So, Grandpa, make things grow. 
I want to add gardener to my list of awesome things I can do, so I can be like you!