Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ding Dong!

I live in Arizona.
It is hot.
And dry.
So I have to water my garden. 
While walking towards the sprinkler, I tripped in a hole that is home to a sprinkler head.
My stupid right ankle was throbbing in pain.
I got some ice and took some brofine(ibuprofen) and sat down on the couch.

Already swelling! 

About 10 seconds after, my door bell rang.
I was hesitant.
Usually it is Jehova's witnesses.
But I got up, and to my surprise, the sweetest thing was on my door step:)

Needless to say, this made my day.
I am so glad to be teaching primary in my new ward!
Thank you!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bored. Blood. Boooooo

Besides homemaking, gardening, and running, I have not had much to do.
Usually I spend time with my nephews; chasing them around Sam's Club without pants:

But today, my venture at the mall play-place turned in to an experience.
You see, my sister, April is really good at talking me in to things.
Today, she talked me in to donating blood.  

Let us rewind 7 years....
I had organized blood drives for my Young Women Recognition project(s) at 15-16 years old. 
Finally, when I turned 17, someone else in my ward had organized a blood drive and I decided to do it!
First time....
Needle burst out of my arm and blood squirted everywhere.  
I got poked at least 5 more times after that.
I even found this awesome pic in my archives of awesome to show:

Not only were my clothing choices excellent, I also looked like I enjoyed shooting up heroin.  
Since that occasion above, I found out that I am blood type O- which is very good.
But I never gave blood since. 
It was a bit traumatic.

Fast forward to NOW...
In and out in 10 minutes. 

40 minutes after being hooked up to the needle, I finally filled my 600 mL.
40 freaking minutes!

They were going to pull it out at 400mL because I had stopped pumping blood...was I dead?
But if I didn't make the 600mL, it would be good for nothing and thrown away.
But I persisted, withstood the twisting of the needle countless times in my vein, lost feeling in my entire arm, and turned a gross shade of green.

And apparently I will have saved three lives!

YAY for summer adventures?
PS: once the bruises have set in, I might post some more.
They said it might bruise from my shoulder down to my wrist.
But I am still going running tomorrow:)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Hunger Games post

I was just thinking about the Capitol and the creepy people that live there.  
They die their skin.
Have gold tattoos on their face.
Any color of hair is possible.
They are the the epitome of gluttony.  
And I really want to hear the movie's interpretation of their accent. 

I have an idea for the movie.

Lady Gaga needs to be in the movie.
I don't think Lady Gaga is a poop/psycho like the Capitol nuts.
She is actually the opposite of them.
She rules. 
But the way she looks is how I imagine the Capitol-folk looking.
Awesome, that is.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I love my dog.

She is so flippin cute. 

This is my version of bragging about my 'baby' 
Imagine how it will be when I have real babies??

You will have to wait.

I just wanted to share this.

This past month, May 15-today, I have ran about 40 miles.
I am not a runner.
But I am getting better at it. 

Since we moved in to our CASA, we have been hitting up Willow Lake trail.
 It is about a 3.8 mile run.
But there is another trail that it turns into and have been doing 4 miles for the past week.
Eventually, I will start at the trail head that is right by my house.

Anyhew, I made Steven take some pics of me at the end of our 4-miler today:
 Steven made me pose.

A month ago this said like 64 or something.

Someday, I will be like my sissy, Emily, who still runs even though she is like 7 months pregnant. 
She is 2legit2quit.

PS-look forward to this distance to double in the next couple months:)

Monday, June 6, 2011


Today, while babysitting, my mind wandered about.
Often times, I ponder upon the things kids do. 
You know, because my life is mostly spent with children.
On this particular day, I began thinking about the appeal of eating boogers in children.
So being the curious person that I am (Steven and I literally had this conversation the other day about how I want to know why people do what they do or why things are the way they are), I googled the topic of booger picking.

Not only did I find this fabulous picture of Ralph, I came across this blog post:
Just one quote I found:
Dr. Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist working in Innsbruck [Austria]..."Medically it makes great sense and is a perfectly natural thing to do. In terms of the immune system the nose is a filter in which a great deal of bacteria are collected, and when this mixture arrives in the intestines it works just like a medicine."

This got me thinking.
So, we now have people who think their children will 'get' autism if they are vaccinated.
I wonder when these brilliant folks will start teaching their kids to eat their boogers so they don't get flippin POLIO?

I think I am on to something here....
Next time this is you:

Don't hesitate.
You will be doing yourself, and the world a great service in keeping small pox and typhoid fever from not coming back and plaguing our world.

Maybe I will advocate this in my classroom in future years?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

El Jardin

Minus some snow mid May, my garden is growing!

Please note Bella posing/following me around.
 As usual.
Those are my sunflowers, watermelon, cantuloupe, and pumpkins. 
Yes, I need to weed it, but I am waiting for my seeds to sprout more so I don't pull them...

Most of this is corn.
But there are tomatoes, obviously.
Peppers, squash, peppers, and more pumpkins reside here.

My roses, well my Grandpa's roses are blooming as well:

It is REALLY summer now. 
I have a kiddo pool and slip-n-slide in my back yard for my nephews...and me...
We cleaned out my parent's back yard (pool) yesterday.
My hairs are turning blonde.
My farmer's tan from running (runner tan?) is pretty intense.
PS-I am finally seeing my body change after months. 
I am now up to 4 miles per run.
Life is goooooood.

That was a realy kissy too:)