Friday, December 31, 2010

The Holidayz

It was fun to have all of my family together, although we all ended up barfing at some point.
(I am still)
Christmas in the Brimhall family is quite different now that there are midgets running around everywhere.  
Being married makes it different too.
Overall, it was pretty fun.  
The Nephs: Billy, Konrad, and Rodney

This is Reagan, the newest.

This is me holding her and eating tootsie rolls. nothing like little candy -like poops

We decorated cookies

Steven's gun.

Emily's Surprise PARTY.  (I am so glad so many people showed up. You're all so cool)

Isabella got dressed up

 OH! And I graduated from NAU:) I am a teacher now! 
And when I am say that I am educated, that doesn't mean I read Wikipedia

Like he even wanted to be there

Because of these folks, I have no student loans to pay back! Thanks mom and dad!

It snowed ALOT too.  And right now it is 1 degree outside

I hope all of you had a fantestiacle time like myself.
See you all on cyber space next year!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A New Home for Ivan

In September of 2008, I graced the Yavapai County Fair with my presence.
Among the fantastical mullets and Sarah Palin t-shirts, it was fun.
Since I don't trust the rides, I walked around and spent money on the stupid games that are impossible to win.
After a 20 dollar giant pug doll, I decided to throw some ping pong balls in to jars with hopes to win a fish.

After about 5 dollars, I tried one more. 
It went in.
(that's what she said)
Since no one was winning and there were still a trillion fish, the toothless man gave me two fishies.
Since I already had a 10 gallon tank, and had killed about 16 fish during my attempt to stabilze it, I figured they would't last long.

Blast forward to present day 2010:
The darnd fish was still alive. 
Yes just one fish was still alive.
His name is Ivan.
In my 10 gallon tank, he measured 7 inches from mouth to tail.
I have been cleaning the friggen tank at least once a month.
I got sick of it.
I posted him on craigslist for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE telling this story of his exciting life.
Within 2 hours, I got a response. 
Prescott Public Library took him in to their 150 gallon tank.
With the help of my amigo I tudor, we took him over to the library yesterday.

He went from being able to swim two inches forward and backwards like this:

To having crap-loads of room to move.

It is a very happy story. 
I can go visit him whenever I want.
The ladies that do the aquarium know his story.
And so do you.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I made it.. the finish line.  It didn't hit me until yesterday when I went to the classroom to pick up some stuff I left.  I had to sign in and wear a visitor sticker.  School life has gone on without me.  But do not be sad (I am really sad), we had a party.

they kinda know me well

they remembered from the first day of school how much I love gummys

one of the sweetest girls made this for me

my favorite. look close

I will never forget that experience.  I had never imagined how hard it would be to say goodbye, or how close I would get attached to students, teachers, the environment, ect.  It's going to be difficult saying goodbye to students every year.  Children  are all  so wonderful.  I was so overwhelmed at the party, I broke down crying in front of them all.  I felt so much love from everyone.  I never expected anything like this, including so many gifts!  Not even a cake(which was delicous)!  I am so thankful for the entire experience.  Its good to be reassured that I am doing the right thing(s) with my life.