Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Cuz apparently I pissed some people off.  Let me explain:

1. I tend to use humor as a method of ridding myself of sadness or pain.  The majority of my blogs are funny.  One entitled 'Things Learned' was one of those.  I got singled out (for the most insignificant thing in the world) by someone who knows/knew nothing about me and insulted my intelligence, basically.    I walked out of the school crying, totally intimidated, and feeling incredibly insecure.  I have only cried one other time in a school situation, when my dog, Olivia, passed away last year.

2.  I do not  have a psuedo-celebrity complex; I didn't know that people care about what I say and/or lurk my blog archive. I guess it was wrong to assume that because I don't care what other people say on their blogs/facebook/myspace/whatever the heck it may be, that other's don't care about what I say.  I guess I have too much other crap to do to worry about it. 

But for whoever got so ticked off at me, and felt the need to spread it throughout the school, I really am sorry.  I didn't mean to hurt or offend anyone, or for that matter, tick anyone off (refer to numbers 1 and 2).  My cooperating teacher is the best and I appreciate everything she has done, is doing, and will do for me.  I admire her like I admire my mother. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A day late.

But incredibly worthy of a blog.  You see, I don't have 'one of those days' very often.  But yesterday just happened to be one.  This is just a list:

I woke up late, it was picture day. 
I left my phone and my lunch at home.
I did not have a debit card to go get lunch.
It was rainy outside, and quite cold; my hair was frizzy (for pictures) and I had on a dress.  It was cold.
Steven didn't get his pay check yesterday.  (Student teaching is wonderful, but no pay check is getting very difficult).
 I went home and got my phone: the speaker was blown and I couldn't hear anything when someone called.
I took my phone to Sprint.  They told me to go to Prescott Valley to get it fixed.  Who the crap turns away business?
Steven and I drove to Prescott Valley.  A 30 minute drive for them to tell me my phone was broken, like I didn't already know it.
I didn't have time to make dinner.  We mooched of my family.
And last and maybe worse:  At Sprint, they told me to back up my phone on my computer.  I tried to do it, but I, being awesome,  ended up clearing out my entire memory leaving me with no contacts, photos, calender, ect.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh happy day!

For the past year and nearly 5 months, I have been looking for a particular shirt.  It is one that I got last March while Mollie and I were lurking around Catalina Island, one of the cruise stops.  I loved this shirt.  I wore it very rarely to keep it special because I loved it that much.  The last time I saw it was last May in Wisconsin.  I made lasagna for Emily and her family and got sauce all over it.  I gave it to my mom to get the stain out.  I never saw it again. 

Over the past year and 5 months, I have randomly torn the crap out of my closet searching for it.  I called Emily a million times to ask if she had seen it.  She always said 'no'.  I secretly thought she stole it because it really is that awesome. 

 I had gotten to that point of giving up. To me, the shirt was dead.  But, about 3 weeks ago, I got the call I've been waiting for. It was from Emily.  She found my shirt.  It was in her closet the whole time. 

My mom was in Wisconsin all last week and got home last night.  I didn't even say hi to my mom or give her a hug.  I just asked ' where is my shirt?'  THEN I gave my mom a hug and junk. 


So friggen happy.

On a side note: I'm so cool that I didn't know the VMA's were yesterday. Win.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I will be graduating soon.

In December.  To be specific, December 17th. I will have my Bachelor's Deegree in Elementary Education and a minor in Psycology. Last week, my most close friend besides my husband and family, Mollie,(her site is MollieeeeeCostley) took some photos for the announcement that will be made my sister Emily.(Check out Em's junk)  Preview??  SURE, but just a couple:

My favorito that I stoled from Mollie's photobucket.
The funny thing? I landed right on my bum.
Look for more to come.


For the next 16 weeks (it has already been 2), I (Steven) have signed off my weekends to watch soccer games.  Steven started playing with the singles ward, FOR FUN, over the summer.  Some how, it morphed into a city league team.  He loves it and it makes him happy.  Therefore, I love it and it makes me SO happy.  Literally, so flippin happy that my weekends are going to be super fun.  Here are some fotos:

Nice pose
Man love
Our friend Logan!
They have YET to win a game.  They keep playing Hispanic teams, and they are the best.  I hope they can eventually win.  Eventually....sometime in the next 16 weeks.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I unfourtuately had to break the Sabbath and pick up my birth control.  I had to drive because Steven sprained his ankle at his first soccer game (LOST, played some Mexicanos).  So he went along for the ride and stayed in the car.  I left my phone in the car.  It was on silent from church.  I got back in to the car, and YES I went to the pharmacy in my pjs, and Steven was like " where is your phone? I heard your phone vibrate".  I replied, "uh, its in my purse".  He reached in the back seat and got my phone, dug for my purse and found it.  Ironically, I had a message, a picture mail.  It was from Steven.  I opened it up, while driving, and found this:

I have not laughed so hard in a while, like two days since we got a book of mad libs.  I love mad libs.  We have been doing them while I have been writing this.  Sometimes I snort when I laugh. 

Steven is hilarious.  Especially because he won't admit that he LOVES Bella.  And I love his spurts of obsessive-ness:  Naruto, Soccer, Xbox, new tires, his 'trust me, I am a dr (pepper)' shirt that he wears every time its clean, and guns.  I love him.  I love being married to him.  I love the way he does everything. I love how he waits until the last minute to get up in the mornings and then freaks out because he is late.   I love how he is playing with Bella and speaking to her in an Italian/Jamacian accent. 

Steven, mad libs, raybans, Bella, life=awesome.