Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mexco. Yes, Mexco

It is the way my dad says it:
Apparently, we missed a wicked snow storm, and I am very thankful.
But the weather in Mexco wasn't that great either.  
But it was still fun.

Basically, I took pictures of awesome things like this:
Total win.  
Transformers, always a win.


If you can't see it, that boat is named Rambo.

This was just pure awesome.  My favorite is the Tuba.

Bella fell in love with Matt Kinas.
Maybe she imprinted?
She seriously wouldn't leave him alone. 

I also found this wicked sweater:
Its way more cool than any of the Urban Outfitters ones you can buy.
This one is legit.

Good times.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


About a year and a half ago, I had my wisdom teeth pulled.
A week later, Steven took me to a movie.
I was still irrigating my lower teeths. 
In the bathroom, over the sink, a little boy and his mother came out of a stall and came towards the sinks.
The little boy tugged at my sweater.
I looked down and tried so hard to not laugh.
He was cross eyed.
He looked at me, I think, and asked, "what are you doing"?
His mom then grabbed him and washed his hands and explained to him what I was doing.  
I went in to the movie and told Steven what had happened.  
Ever since then, Steven has performed his interpretation of what happened.
And it never ceases to crack me up.

Last night, while laying in bed, he would not stop.  
I was hysterical.
Crying because I was laughing so hard.
Then, he did this:

I hope you all enjoy this little insight in to our fabulous life.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Is there such a place as Hispania?

No.  But if there were, that is where I'd send the folks who just tried to steal my dog, and probably car, out of the Safeway parking lot.

I couldn't be more angry right now. I went to the store to get some cheese (that I forgot to get earlier today). As I pulled in, a group of folks from Mexico were starring at my car. They were all "perro" and stuff.
 Bella was with me
She always is.
 Like seriously, at least 7 of them surrounding the driver's side of my car.  

Terrified,  I waited a couple of minutes to go inside, trying not to stereotype. Then I went in.  I walked so fast because I knew something was fishy.   I got the cheese and walked to the front of the store.  Someone was walking in the door and I heard my car alarm going off! I literally dropped my cheese (haha) and bolted to my car. 

Bella was there.  And so were fingerprints. All over my windows and door handle. 


Seriously.  I really try not to judge people.  Everyone has the capability(s) to be wonderful people.  But really? Try to steal my dog?

I could go off for hours on the hypocrisy of how I, a working, educated citizen of this country can't have a baby because we can't afford it right now.
But they can crank out hundreds a day for free at the expense of people like me.

But I won't.  

I will just leave you with this because I still have her.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I have been running alot. 
I am training to do a run for the Whiskey Row, though I can't stand when people say they are 'training'.
But I really am.
I am a heffer and am getting my bum back in shape.

Since the running began a whole 3 weeks ago, my back has been killer.
Finally, I got so frustrated that I went to Sam's Club and purchased a Serta memory foam bed topper.
A little piece of heaven.
Best hundred bucks ever spent. 


I know I have slept well when my hair looks this good.

On another note, I have been redecorating our extra bedroom. 
A new rug, pillows, some flowers and alot of black paint.
I even painted the trash can because I didn't want to buy a new one.
 It turned out well.

I even took an old black and white shower curtain and covered Bella's bed with it.
Needle, thread and all...
(you can see the corner of it in the first pic)
She has to have a soft spot to lay in every room because she follows me everywhere.
I don't need a baby (yet).
I have her.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things of this week, and a little bit of last week

Every bad thing that has happened to me lately seems to be the result of someone else.
One thing that I have mentioned previously is the lack of intelligence from yavapai college when it comes to sending one's transcripts to a NAU.
Well, there is another one. 
After receiving my transcripts, they told me it would be 1-2 weeks for my diploma/institutional recommendation (which is necessary for a teaching certification)
After 2 weeks, I called again.
The lady told me it would now take 3-4 weeks.
Week 4, last week, rolled around.
Still, nothing.
So being assertive, I drove to Flagstaff. 
Straight to the Education building.
I told them I wasn't leaving without my IR.
Then, I drove to Phoenix, downtown Phoenix.
I got my certification printed up in 5 minutes.
I am a certified teacher!
After all that, it took 5 flippin minutes.
Thanks NAU.

I almost got killed...rand over by a friggen dump truck.
Being 20 yards behind him while he is lifting the trash cans (which is so weird to watch. it scares me), seems safe, right?
He began reversing.  Fast.
I panicked.
 I couldn't even figure out how to put my car in reverse.
After what seemed like an hour in slow motion, I figured out that my car wasn't going in reverse and that somehow I needed to signal to the doooooosh truck driver that I was there.
I hit the horn. Hard.
He slammed on his brakes a whole 5 feet in front of my car.
He got out and began yelling at me.  
I went around him and drove off.
Next time, check your mirrors, homeskillet.

Last, but not least, Hobby Lobby.
I have been redecorating my extra bedroom and was so excited to go get some glassware (50% off!!)
I got out there and found everything I wanted.
I got to the register and realized I didn't have my debit card.
I got out my checkbook like the old lady from that one commercial.
And yes, the line(s) were huge and I felt like a total idiot.
My total was $15.37, so I wrote the check.
The guy looked at it and was like,'uh, let me call the manager'.
The old manager came up, looked at the check, and in his biggest small-man voice yelled:
"We won't accept this.  It has to have your name on it and your address printed by the bank".(it just has Steven's name on it)
Usually, with my ID, they just write it in.  
They have done it there before.
I use those checks for everything.
And that's what I said.
He replied, "Nope, we won't take it. It has to be printed by the bank.  You can call my manager", as he handed me back my check and ID and pointed to the door.
Everyone stopped and watched.
I began crying. 
A couple of old ladies even offered to pay for my stuff.  
I was so embarrassed. 
I even wished I would have dropped the glass, and if he said "you have to pay for that", I would have been like, "no, my money isn't good enough for you". 
But of course, I didn't.  
My mom came to the rescue and even bought me some extra stuff:)
I guess if I was an old man who should be retired but is working at Hobby Lobby doing manual labor because I had to, I would be cranky too.
Moral of the Story(s):
Just because I sometimes might be slow, incompetent, and/or cranky, 
that doesn't mean I have to ruin someone else's day.