Sunday, February 28, 2010


was February 27th.  It was our 7 month anniversary AND exactly 3 months to our yall see why we are getting married on a 27th:) That means it is a whole 88 days until the wedding day!  Lots of things have happened that have made us so much happier; made this experience of wedding planning more enjoyable.  OOOOHH and the honeymoon will be in Hawaii which is so desireable after waking up to snow outside, again.  HURRY UP TIME!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

today. and yesterday

Today marks 110 days left until our wedding day.  I am so darnd excited.  Its pretty cool that the temple is already perfect inside...or so I hear...because everyone keeps asking me if it is difficult to plan a wedding when the 'venue' is in Mesa. Um. It couldn't be easier?  My sister Emily is brilliant and awesome and making the invites.  Mollie is the bestest furtographer ever.  And since my mother is a seasoned professional when it comes to reception planning, this has been a breeze!

Speaking of Mollie, brings me to yesterday.  We got our engagment fotos taken in downtown Prescott.  Mollie even got props!! It was super fun, minus my mom telling me that I look like a fat cow or something.  The best part?  Pretending it was warm and wearng short sleeves and sandals when it was actually 40 degrees outside.  and/or

She has no idea that I have this photo.