Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is so weird.  I hope this weird in-between feeling never happens again.  Steven (I) has moved in to our new apartment.  It is turning out so flippin cute!!  We have wood floors and I LOVE it.  But the weird part is that he lives there and I don't.  I am in this weird transiton and don't know what to do.  All my clothes are at the new place.  I sleep on an air mattress that is half the size of my normal bed.  I have torn cartliage between my ribs and sternum.  I'm exhausted.  I am getting flabby because I can't work out.  My life is changing, that's a given.  But nothing feels 'normal'.  But I am so excited to marry Steven in 8 DAYS! And to go to Hawaii and finally RELAX!  This is just a weird spot to be in RIGHT NOW. 


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prescott, Arizona's little secret....

Yes, the Golden Corral.  It is the best place I have ever eaten.  We used to go alot as a family when I was younger.  Steven kept telling me how much he wanted to go.  I kept saying no.  But then I remembered that they have an ice cream machine there.  Then I realized I can eat anything and everything I want there.  So we decided to go.  MMMMMMMMMMMMM:

Let us not forget....
the dessert section. 

Holy crap people.  Go to the Golden Corral.  It is my plan to save the current economic state of our country: if we all went to the Golden Corral and ate everything, we would help stimulate the economy. 

The Golden Corral. 
Because everyone deserves a good meal. Amen.