Monday, July 19, 2010

Mean, Rude People

I recently had a status on facebook that said that I don't like rude, mean people.  For one thing, NO ONE DOES!! And its bloody facebook.   But for some reason, certain people believe I was speaking of them.  To be particular, since its necessary to do so in order for people to not take offense: I was speaking of the stupid 18 year old who flipped me off after cutting me off while driving, the parents of children at the YMCA who allow their kids to make fun of the boy I work with who has disabilities, or the family member of mine whose friend is saying offensive, rude, mean comments about my parents (and my family member allowing it), and so forth.  So if one were to read my status, (which I deleted to NOT hurt anyone, though the intent was never to do so) it sounds like a personal problem.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

4 years ago

My life changed. The way it happened was natural; Dewey entered my life. It has never been the same. Only a few weeks after he came, I woke up to a baby pug shaking. His face looked so scared. All I did was hold him and comfort him. After school that day, I took him to the vet. Dewey was diagnosed with epilepsy. I didn't care. I loved him too much to let him go. We got him medications, kept him healthy (food-wise; and yes, he was fat. But that was not until he had to start his sterioids), and gave him the best life I could. He was my parter, my best friend in life. He was there for me when I literally had NO one else.

He even sat on my head.
Thank you Dewey.  I love you forever.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Familial confusion

So my mother, sister and I ventured to Camp Verde yesterday to meet my Aunt Debbie and Grandma and drive up to Flagstaff for a bridal shower. On the way, Debbie and my mom discussed their outfits and came to the realization that they both had on shirts from Kohls, pants from Coldwater Creek and sandals with flowers.  Not to mention their identical gestures and movements.   April and I were impressed to take fotos of the similarities between my mother and Debbie:

We found confusion in which one was our mother. Seriously. They even sound the same.

I don't know what Debbie was up to with her lips

Going shopping is both a blessing and curse.  We got a lot of cool stuff, but I was taken away from my new husband for longer than planned.  And the wedding shower was very nice.  My cousin Christi hurt her back lifting up a dead person (she is a nurse at the hospital).  I met my cousin's new baby Desmond.  And got a bunch of new headbands.  It was fun.  Maybe in 30 years April and I (and Emily too but she's in Mwakee) will confuse the crap out of our kids.