Monday, November 29, 2010

Steven, Bella, and I would like to officially announce...

That the Holidays are here. 
We give you this as a token of our awesomeness and to get you in the Holiday spirit.
Merry Christmas!



Sunday, November 28, 2010

6 Months of Marriage.

Yes, folks.  Steven and I 'celebrated' our 6 month wedding anniversary yesterday.
We ate lots of pizza and drank hot chocolate in candle light.
We played Wii sports. 
(My right arm is so flippin sore)
And then, my mom took some pictures for us.

I had to slouch(spelling? not too sure) because my badical new shoes made me taller than him.
I'm still glad I married him, even though:
  • he puts ketchup on everything I make
  • he never shuts the shower curtain after he showers...I hate that...
  • he cracks his knucles in his sleep and it wakes me up every time
  • he has yet to do any laundry
  • he is a baby when I have to tweeze his uni-brow.  (I'd be so flippin happy if someone would do that for me, not that I have a uni-brow)
  • he still won't admit he loves Bella
Overall, I love him.
He makes me happy.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

13 days and NOT counting.

Student teaching has had its ups and downs. But it has been more wonderful than I ever thought.  I was grading papers and going over my lesson plan book this afternoon.  I was thinking to myself: where the crap did the time go?  It has been 13 weeks.  I have 13 days left to go. There is not one student in that class that I do not absolutley love.  When I have a bad beginning to a day, it instantly is gone when that bell rings and those childders (as the BFG calls them) walk in the door.  It gives me anxiety to think about what I am going to do with myself once I don't have to be with them every day.  It literally brings me to tears thinking about it. 

Things are starting to scare me now.  Taking the AEPA on the 20th (I started my studying today), graduating, finding a job, deciding where to go, ect.  I would kinda, sorta, rather stay where I am right now.  Except getting paid would be a positive change. 

Seriously, I am so thankful for all of the events that brought me to this place: stupid break-up almost 4 years ago, thyroid surgery, job loss,basically being in a big hole and a bunch of crap that turned out to be what I needed.  I got out of it. Now, I've got a husband that I love dearly, I fell in to education as a major and I couldn't be happier for that, and I've got all goodness in front of me.  All of the people I want/need in my life are here, now, and not going anywhere.  I've got a career that I am in love with, assuming I can get a job. 

Its been 13 weeks and it went by fast.
I'm going to savor what is left.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My little cone-head.

Bella is healing very well....
...Thanks to a cone that has been neatly placed on her head.
For some reason, I find it incredibly humerous.
But other times (i.e., when she wants to scratch her ear), it is devistating.

Another reason she is healing tons?
I have had to leave her at home, all alone, for the last week.
She misses her BFF, Bear.

You see, her wonderful Grandma, my mother, watches her every day.
She and Bear, whom I call Burrito, never rest.
It is really sad.
But, I do leave the radio on for her when I am gone.
Lots of Rolling Stoners and Eagles and such.

For all of you folks who want to see the sad/hilariousness of Bella, read, well, see, keep scrolling

I counted. There are 15 staples in there. And they are like REAL staples! (I never knew they were real staples)
This just cracked me up.
For lunch today, I got to come home and let her out to poo.
She took a bigg'n.
But even more funny??
She was sniffing something in the dirt when I called her back in.
With her cone, she accidently scooped up dirt and it went all over in the cone.
I got to take it off and clean her up.

Anyway. She gets the real staples out on the 10th.
No more cone.
Just doggie physical therapy!