Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I made some wicked good sandwiches for lunch yesterday.  I was going to wait to eat with Steven on his lunch break, but soon realized that I had to be at the elementary school during his break.  So I ate mine, leaving two behind for Steven, plus a salad and chips.  I covered them up with a paper towel and left them on the counter.  I left fir school, did an antonym activity with the students THEN I get this text from Steven, way after his lunch break, asking me where the sandwiches were and another about how the sandwiches were gone, the paper towel was shreded all over the floor, and the chips were scattered across the counter.  He then went on to say 'sandwich' like 50 more times and then finally concluded that the dogs, Bear and Bella, got ON the counter (at least a 3.5 foot jump) and friggen ate them!  So that is a pretty funny story right?  THE BEST PART: Steven just ate the salad for lunch.  Didn't think to make himself another sandwich.  Then he complained about being hungry all afternoon.  He might be helpless. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Was an all inclusive, fun packed weekend. Friday, also known as Good Friday, but as April declared it her nationally recognized celebration of her birthday which got her the day off from work (has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, right...NOT). We went to the Valley and SHOPPED forever and ate some goood fooood.
Then, after stuffing our faces with food, I had another fitting for my wedding dress.  I felt like a fat ball of cake stuffed in my dress.  But it will turn out good. 
SATURDAY was the start of General Confrence.  I love General Confrence.  I love to hear the Prophet and Jeffery R. Holland.  But most of all I love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  
I have yet to see them in real life. The day that I do will be remarkable. I will cry such happy tears.
TODAY was/is Easter.  My awesome sister Emily and I call it Feaster.  For the first time, I actually feasted.  Breakfast was eggs and sausage, lunch was a BBQ with the Shepherd's. and dinner was a ham dinner with my family.  MMMM....after all of this, we decided to take a picture:
Our little family's first Easter:)