Thursday, March 18, 2010


Is sooooo flippin HOT.

I am a lucky lady.

We went to Mexico. Again

It was super fun and warm. We got so sunburned. But I DONT have pictures of that wonderful time, yet. But do not be discouraged. I have pictures of our run at the Peavine trail.

The dock (obviously)

La Familia.
I look super tan, but I am bright red
We were smyesing
Oh, and it is 70 days till the wedding!  My dress is in Gilbert (finally, it was ordered on black friday....thanksgiving...thats 5 months) and I get to have my first fitting tomorrow. I am a teeny bit excited.  I am going to pick out my veil and such also.  thank heavens for a strapless swimsuit so I wont have awful tan lines when I try it on.  Instead, I have peeling flesh.  Whatever.  I am happy.