Sunday, August 28, 2011


But this blog post is actually about yesterday.

Saturday was an excellent day.
I had this plan to connect trails (brownlow, jan alfano, embry riddle, and finally, willow lake) to make an approximate 8 mile run. 
8 mile(not the movie).
You see, I decided this week that I am going to run the Sedona half marathon in February, so I wanted to see how good I could do at 8.
And next Saturday might be 10.
I did a pretty good job with the connecting-of-the-trails, until the time came to find the Embry Riddle trail.
I am pretty sure it is nonexistant.
So, I turned around and came back after about 2.5 miles and found a connector back to the top of Brownlow and finished it out.
7 miles. 
And I didn't die.
And Monday, I am going to run willow lake and find that darn trail.

THEN, I went to get my hairs colored. 
My blondish hairs are gone.

Mostly.  (we left the ends kinda...)
This pic sucks.

THEN, Steven decided to mow the lawn.
For 5 minutes he was over in the corner making all these weird shapes or something.
I couldn't figure it out.
That is, until he called me over.
He had written my name in grass.

Yes, that is a backwards J, not on purpose.

Twas a good weekend.

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