Thursday, November 3, 2011


What a flippin day.

First off, I had no students this morning.  
It was my scheduled prep day.
After I prepped, our technology lady came in to my office and noticed my dinosaur of a computer.
She gave me the okay to go get a flat screen moniter and new keyboard and trusted me to hook it up myself.  
No prob.
Right as I went to plug everything in, the power went out.
Long story short, I made the electricity in the entire school go out for almost 30 minutes.
Turns out I had a bad outlet in my office and plugging in that computer must have been the break.

Second, today was a super emotional day.
Well, just the afternoon. 
I had the opportunity and privelage to hold my first, childhood doggy as he was put to sleep. 
It was sad in the sense that he had to go.
And that it brought up my past experiences....
But it was actually quite peaceful.
He was a good old dog of 12 years and it was his time.
It was good to not feel him tremble and shake anymore.
And he left this word in his true fashion: he tooted and it stunk up the whole room.
I will miss you Brimhall's Big Bad Buck (that was his official name. we called him Buck)
Like I have said before, all doggies go to Heaven, or Heaven is not Heaven.

Thirdly, I still have a smile on my face.
As you can tell, I have not blogged in quite some time.
I now work full time at Washington Traditional School.
Half PE, half Title 1 Math.
I love it. 
I love my students, co-workers, and principal.  
I couldn't as for more. 
But it has been a big change.
I will do better at this blogging thing.

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